University Technology Council

Council Charge

The University Technology Council (UTC) is advisory to the Office of Information Technology (OIT) leadership, providing feedback and suggestions on technology issues and projects at the University. Members of the UTC serve to enhance communication between their units and OIT, and to disseminate information about OIT initiatives and projects to their units. Specifically:

  • The UTC advises Office of IT leaders on technology issues and needs identified by faculty, staff, and students. The council discusses possible solutions and recommendations, including potential sources of funding and priorities.
  • The UTC serves to improve communications between the Office of IT and all areas of the University. OIT announcements, updates, and initiatives are a standing agenda item at all meetings, and council members are responsible for communicating relevant news to their units.
  • The UTC hosts fora and presentations from vendors, faculty, staff, or students on current technology implementation, ways to improve use of current technology, developing technology, and trends.

Council Representatives

The UTC is comprised of representatives from every major academic and administrative unit on campus. One or two representatives are appointed by the unit dean or vice president for three-year terms as follows:

  • Up to two representatives (academic and IT) from each LARGE college as determined by the Deans. Large colleges are: CLA, COEN, COS, COB, CABNR, and DHS/UNRSOM.
  • One representative from each SMALL college as determined by the Deans. Small colleges are: Journalism, Education, Cooperative Extension, and Extended Studies.
  • Up to one representative from each administrative department (Administration and Finance, VPRI, DAR, Student Services, and Athletics) as determined by the VPs.
  • Up to two representatives from the Libraries (one must be TLT) as determined by the Dean.
  • One representative from Student Government (ASUN or GSA).
  • One representative from Office of IT as determined by the VP and CIO.

Permanent Members:

  • Chief Information Officer (non-voting)
  • Chief Information Security Officer (non-voting)
  • UTC Coordinator (non-voting)
  • OIT Director, User Services (co-chair of UTC)

The council is to be co-chaired by the OIT Director, User Services and a representative from the UTC chosen at the April meeting to serve the following academic year.

Members are expected to attend monthly meetings, participate in discussions, work on sub-committees as needed, and act as the liaisons between the council and their units/departments. New members will be solicited at the end of each academic calendar, as required.

Current UTC Members

Meeting Information

The UTC meets eight times a year on the fourth Tuesday of August, September, October, November, January, February, March, and April at 10:30 am in the Joe Crowley Student Union. Agendas and minutes are available through the Office of Information Technology. To request a copy of the agendas and minutes, or to add agenda items to the meetings of the UTC, contact the UTC Coordinator, Freddie Rusanoff, by the third Tuesday of the month.

Special meetings of the UTC may be held as necessary, and any details for special meetings will be distributed in advance.


Members of the UTC serve on certain other university committees as appropriate.

  • Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee - two (2) members of the UTC are selected annually to serve as voting members of the STF advisory committee.
  • Cyberinfrastructure Committee (CiC) - either one member of the UTC will serve on both the CiC and UTC, or a member of the CiC will attend UTC meetings as a liaison to report on CiC activities monthly.