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Student Intervention Team

The Student Intervention Team (SIT) meets regularly during the academic year and during the summer as needed to address issues and concerns regarding specific students identified as being distressed or distressing. This team can provide support and the coordination of intervention services and referrals for identified students. The team members also track student progress and can review any concerns over a student that may reoccur over time.

Team members include faculty from the University's Counseling Services, Disability Resource Center, Residential Life, Student Health Center, Office of Student Conduct and Police Services. Following is a list of some possible signs/symptoms that a student may exhibit that may warrant consultation with the Student Intervention Team over assistance for the student:

The student shows:

  • Severe depression or student writes/talks about suicide
  • Engages in dangerous conduct
  • Makes verbal/physical threats to others
  • Demonstrates bizarre behavior
  • Displays an inappropriate emotional response
  • Appears troubled or confused
  • Lacks motivation/concentration
  • Engages in excessive disruptive behavior in class, including:
    • Challenging authority
    • Demanding special treatment
    • Making offensive remarks
  • Excessive tardiness in class or other campus setting
  • Sleeping during class or work
  • Overt inattentiveness
  • Missing class or work

If you are concerned about a student who seems to be experiencing any of the above symptoms or are concerned for other reasons, you may fill out an Student Intervention Request Form and submit to the Student Intervention Team.

If you would like to report a concern about a specific student, please contact the Interim Dean of Students, Mike Segawa at (775) 682-6846 or Jerry Marczynski at (775) 784-1471 or marcyzs@unr.edu, or fill out the Student Intervention Request Form and submit it to the team. The chair or a team member will reply to you for details and a discussion of best options for working to assist.

Please note: the Student Intervention Request Form does not become part of the student's academic record. This is a confidential process designed to assist students in their goals of academic persistence and progress at our University.

If this is an emergency, please call 911. For non-emergencies, you may contact the University Police at (775) 784-4013 or Mike Segawa, Interim Dean of Students, at (775) 682-6846.