Student Intervention Team

Helping Distressed, Distressing and/or Disruptive Students

The Student Intervention Team:

  • Is a team of professionals from a variety of campus programs and services
  • Provides training for identifying and effectively approaching students of concern
  • Provides consultation regarding specific concerns
  • Assists with making appropriate referrals to campus and community resources
  • Can clarify faculty responsibility in distressed, distressing, or disruptive student situations
  • Can provide support, coordination of intervention services, referrals, and follow-up for identified students

The Team is Available to:

  • Consult and assist regarding resolution of the immediate problem
  • Clarify faculty responsibility in distressed, distressing, and/or disruptive student situations
  • Provide students and faculty with appropriate campus and community resources, services and referrals
  • Provide assistance and support to faculty and staff

File a Student Intervention Request