About the International Activities Committee



The International Activities Committee (IAC) at the University of Nevada, Reno encourages the international interests of the faculty and promotes the internationalization of the campus and curriculum through activities, programs, research, and international collaborations. Members of the committee are appointed by the Vice Provost and serve on the committee for one year. In addition, there are standing committee members who represent internationally oriented offices and programs at the university, including the Office of International Students & Scholars, the Intensive English Language Center, the University Studies Abroad Consortium, the International Affairs degree program, and the Northern Nevada International Center. The committee receives funding from the administration and distributes funds annually through a competitive International Activities Grant process. Faculty interested in serving on the IAC should contact the Vice Provost, Joe Cline or the committee chair, Prof. Berch Berberoglu.

This international emphasis recognizes the need for students and faculty to have an understanding of the world and its impact on their lives and communities. In order for students to be competitive professionally in the 21st century, they must be globally competent and have exposure to other cultures; exposure includes study abroad experiences, interaction with international students, and curriculum that is globally oriented. It is therefore important that university faculty be given opportunities and support to enhance their international skills, knowledge, research, and connections. In general, the IAC advocates for and supports the internationalization of the university's curriculum, students, faculty, research, and programs.


The International Activities Committee drives the development of a globally focused campus community by:

  • Increasing collaborative research and connections with faculty and institutions around the globe
  • Internationalizing the curriculum in order to prepare students for the global economy
  • Providing financial support and incentives for university faculty to develop internationally
  • Positioning the University of Nevada, Reno globally