The low-residency MFA-IA program hosts a number of projects, exhibitions, and events all of which support the program’s mission and vision of being a locus for creative problem solving, fostered by critical thinking, with an emphasis on inclusive community.

  • Staying Power, October 2015. Work by Mary Rothlisberger created during her gallery artist-in-residency during summer 2015. Artist: Mary Rothlisberger. Location: Ron & Maureen Ashley Community Gallery.
  • Cabin, January 2016. Exhibition by visiting artist faculty, Roman de Salvo, featuring woodburning. Artist: Roman de SalvoLocation: Streamline Mobile Gallery, parked at St. Mary’s Art Center, Virginia City.
  • FIRST, August 2017. Graduating Exhibition of the first graduating cohort of the MFA-IA. Featuring graduating seniors: Susan Bass, Aaron Czerny, Nicole Harper, Richard Petrucci, Mary Grace Tate, Kelly Wallis. Curator: Paul Baker Prindle. Location: Garage Door Gallery
  • The Co-op Bar, August 3, 2016. The Co-op Bar & Café created a community space for students to harness money for their projects in the form of a co-operatively owned bar. Artist: Steve Lambert. Location: Garage Door Gallery.
  • Lingua Franca, August 2018. Graduating Exhibition, Summer 2018. Featuring graduating seniors: Karen Krolak, Sarah Lillegard, Chelsea Mandell, Sam Shear. Curated by: Ashley Stull Meyers. Location: Garage Door Gallery
  • Embodied Place, February 2015. A group exhibition featuring 20 international artists, the exhibit builds on the conversation of creative problem solving and embodied place that is integral to the new MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts program. Artists: Jill Baker & Jonathan Rattner, Kaitlin Bryson, Caroline Clerc, Michael Damm, Livia Daza-Paris, Disorientalism (Katherine Behar & Marianne M. Kim), Cathleen Faubert, Sofia Gavrilova, Oren Goldenberg, LaskaJimsen, Nicole Lavelle & Sarah Baugh, Rita Leduc, Christine Mackey, Elizabeth Moran, Galería Perdida, PlantBot Genetics, John Q, Margarita Sánchez Urdaneta, Lisa Sanditz, Claire Tolan. Juried by: Amy Franceschini and Russell Dudley
  • Logistics,Distribution, Fulfillment. A project by Bill Morrison / Consolidated Anomaly and funded by the SNU MFA-IA Lupita’s Project Grant. Artist: Bill Morrison / Consolidated Anomaly.
  • Mother Nature Calls, January 2019. Graduating Exhibition, Winter 2019. Featuring work by: Jean Brennan. Location: Garage Door Gallery
  • Alchemy, January 2019. Guest curated exhibition, Winter 2019. Featuring artists: Annie Albagli, Cintia Santana, Minoosh Zomorodinia. Curated by: Anza Jarschke. Location: Garage Door Gallery
  • A Gentle Sextet of Invisible Disguise, August 2019. Graduating Exhibition, Summer 2019. Featuring graduating seniors: Chris Clother, Gillian De Lear, Daphne Osell, Spencer Tracy, Ama Trussell, Rachel Zollinger. Curated by: Gabie Strong. Location: Garage Door Gallery
  • Midway Virtual Open House, January 2021. Virtual Midway Exhibition, Summer 2020. Featuring graduating seniors: Mary Jeys, Dennis Kerr, Sarah Logan. Location: Online