Inside The Innevation Center

Floor 0–Bringing Innevation Up

  1. Fab Factory
    Computer Numeric Control (CNC) tools are available in this room, which also features a laser cutter, CNC Mill, CNC Lathe, drill press, and other production tools.
  2. 3D Lab
    This room houses eight 3D printers and six modeling stations, plus a high powered rendering station.
  3. Beta Space
    In this room, workstations are available to conceptualize, create, and take your designs to the next level. This room is an extension of the 3D Lab, where makers can develop and refine their creations. Here you will find hand tools, soldering stations, and even a sewing machine available to create working prototypes.
  4. Decompression Chamber
    Leonardo da Vinci was the first to say that even geniuses need to step away from the projects from time to time, to catch a breath and gain perspective. This space is the place for that process to happen.

Floor 1–First Impressions

Level 1 Floor Plan with Five Areas Identified By Number

  1. Welcome Center
    This is where you’ll step from the everyday world into the world of innevation. It is where the University of Nevada, Reno and the entrepreneurial community come together for collaborative innevation for our city, state, nation, and world.
  2. Collab Room
    This area was designed to foster collaboration and brainstorming ideas that can change the world. It includes acrylic-covered walls where you can sketch out your ideas.
  3. Concept Cafe
    A flexible space or location that can serve as a classroom, conference room, or space to discuss new ideas over a cup of coffee.
  4. Ideation Conference Room
    This conference room provides a quiet space for innevators to meet.
  5. Venture Lounge
    This room is a comfortable space for small group discussions. The room has a long conference table that seats eight, a large white board, and no AV capabilities.

Floor 2–Innevation Economy

Level 2 Floor Plan with Three Areas Identified By Number

  1. Stage 3
    This is our main coworking space, with both coworking and fixed desk space. Why STAGE 3? The Innevation Center continues the vision of an intrastate effort to break down silos and work together to make Nevada a leader in the new innevation economy. STAGE 1 & STAGE 2 are located in Innevation Las Vegas and have been showcasing collaborative events since 2011. STAGE 3 will now drive state-wide collaboration to new level. #lovenevada
  2. Summit Conference Room
    Huddle up here for private meetings and coaching sessions in this spacious conference room.
  3. Venture Row
    These offices are currently available for use by mentors, domestic and international startups, and local business leaders and consultants.

Floor 3–The New View

Level 3 Floor Plan with Two Areas Identified By Number

  1. Open-Concept Office Space
    Open office areas used by startup companies.
  2. Nevada Industry Excellence (NVIE)
    A statewide program that provides Nevada industry and businesses with expert resources and programs to improve their processes, increase efficiencies and productivity in order to make them globally competitive and assume a leadership role in their respective sectors. NVIE is Nevada manufacturing industry’s strategic growth partner.
  3. Conference Room
    More space for private meetings and coaching sessions.