Nevada COVID-19 mask, gown and face shield request

Donate or volunteer

If you would like to donate to help fund these donations please visit our crowdfund page. If you are interested in sewing or printing face shields please email Daniel Smith.

Community volunteers

We would like to thank all of our community partners who have contributed time, materials or services to help provide these donations to healthcare professionals across the Northern Nevada area.

Kostas Alexis
Charlyse Altom
Jenni Amundsen
Taylor Anderson
AJ Armon
Patrick Black
Jackie Bowman
Amie Bringhurst
Joshua Chang
Kathy Chapin
Chris Church
Tiana Conrad
Brian Conway
John Crockett
Nick Crowl
Kelly Crowley
Heather Cushman
Noreen Davis
Christy Dyer
Jenni Ellis
John English
Lori Fasbinder
David Feil-Seifer
Peggy Flint
Barry Galvin
Sarah Gartner
Seema Gautam
Micheal Gillette
Matthew Gillspie
Brian Goffrey
Veronica Gomez
Diane Hale
Corrie Hames
Cody Harlan
Lori Heppson
Tom Hulbert
Alyssa Hunt
Annika Igmen
Bill J
Kim Jacobsen
Armand Jusuf
Valerie Kortenber
Amy Kreitlein
Karl Kuhles
Nancy Kuhles
Tara Langus
Austin Lee
Dominic Liberato
Colin Loretz
Nancy Lund
Mary Mahoney
Jeff Marlow
Kate Marshall
JoAnne Martineau
Theo McCormick
Nicole Miller
Sa Misiura
Shannon Montez
Cindy Morris
Gary Muhonen
Amy Myer
Julie Nash
Laurie Newman
VaLynn Olive
Mallory Orton
Claire Parker
Jennifer Patal
Amy Peterson
JoAnne Pinnock
Karen Rand
Jacie Rands
Janna Rightmire
Chris Roberts
Carlos Rodrigues
Michael Scharosch
E. Seitz
Adam Shoda
Jessica Simpkins
Daniel Smith
Pamela Smith
Sebastian Smith
Maura Snyder
George Spark-Stahl
Jacob Sprague
Bryce Stevenson
Julie Swenson
Joseph Tartaglia
Annie Tobler
Tanya Turner
John Vernon
Brandon Wallace
Annie Walton
Shelly Watson
Judy Welge
Amber Welton
Stephanie Wilson
Treynor Wolfe
Stephanie Young
Evco Interiors
Send Cut Send
Via Seating
Washoe County Library System