Nevada State College Pipeline Program

The Nevada State College Pipeline program invites low-income, first-generation, under-represented minority undergraduate students to apply for a program that focuses on the development, verification, sharing, retrieval and utilization of new information and skills.

Instructional workshops consist of two components:

  1. Training undergraduates in the use of resources available through the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and
  2. Certification training on state-of-the-art biotechnology instrumentation.

The skills and knowledge developed in these workshops will be put into practice in an ongoing mentored undergraduate research project investigating the water leaking from the canyon walls below the Lake Las Vegas dam by identifying the microorganisms inhabiting that niche.

The first component of the program is based on the importance of biology / biotechnology information and informatics in biomedical fields. We have designed a 3-week curriculum that will guide students through the NCBI resources based on courses recently discontinued by NCBI. The second component focuses on molecular characterization by capillary electrophoresis.

Specifically, students will develop analytical skills using four Beckman Coulter PA 800 capillary electrophoresis instruments housed at Nevada State College in a weeklong certification workshop. We will conduct this program twice each year (summer and winter breaks) for 30 students in each session.

Week 1: NCBI Mini-Course

  • Day 1: Bioinformatics Quick Start
  • Day 2: Making Sense of DNA and Protein Sequences
  • Day 3: Unmasking Genes in the Human Genome
  • Day 4: Identification of Disease Genes
  • Day 5: Project 1: Integrating Week 1 Mini-Courses

Week 2: NCBI Mini-Course

  • Day 6: Correlating Disease Genes and Phenotypes
  • Day 7: BLAST Quick Start
  • Day 8: Entrez Gene Quick Start
  • Day 9: Structural Analysis Quick Start
  • Day 10: Project 2: Integrating Week 2 Mini- Courses

Week 3: NCBI Mini-Course

  • Day 11: MapViewer Quick Start
  • Day 12: GenBank Quick Start
  • Day 13: Entrez Quick Start
  • Day 14: Microbial Genomes Quick Start
  • Day 15: Project 3: Integrating Week 3 Mini-Courses

Week 4: Beckman Coulter Capillary Electrophoresis Certification