Prospective Students

IELC staff and faculty are dedicated to making sure that you have a rewarding and exciting experience while you are studying with us. Students are able to meet the majority of their needs right on campus. (View Our IELC Brochure

Services Available

Admission without English Proficiency*

You may enter the University of Nevada, Reno and Nevada colleges at the undergraduate or graduate level without an English proficiency test score (TOEFL, IELTS, PEARSON) after completing the IELC program.

Conditional Admission*

If you are already academically qualified for university admission but you do not have the required English proficiency score, you may receive conditional admission to your university program. Your admission documents will state that you will begin academic coursework after completion of the English requirement.

Enrollment in Academic Classes*

If you are in the advanced or graduate level of the program you may enroll in one academic class at the University while studying full-time English.

*Graduate level students please check with your program to see if they offer Conditional Graduate Admission or accept the IELC recommendation to fulfill the TOEFL/IELTS requirement before applying. Select graduate program may allow you to enroll in one academic class, while studying English full-time.

Reasons to choose IELC 

  • Full-time English program; 20 class hours per week
  • Six Levels of instruction: beginning to graduate (please see our proficiency scale)
  • Academic skills emphasized
  • 5,8,10 and 16 week programs
  • Conditional undergraduate and graduate* admission to UNR
  • Undergraduate and graduate* university admission without TOEFL
  • Experienced teaching staff, all with a M.A. or Ph.D.
  • Certificate of Completion for each level of instruction
  • Orientation and academic advisement
  • Accredited by CEA and member of the American Association of Intensive English Programs (AAIEP)
  • Weekly social and cultural activities
  • Ranked as one of the "Top Ten Colleges for Skiers"
  • Special activities and trips: visiting local sites, Historic Virginia City, Lake Tahoe Beach Party, skiing and more...
  • Conversation Partner Program
  • Opportunities to get involved with campus activities