Annual Enrollment Comparisons by Fall and Spring Semester

University Enrollment Comparisons show a snapshot semester headcount of student enrollment, compared year to year.

Fall SemestersSpring Semesters
Fall 2016 vs Fall 2017   Excel   PDF
Fall 2015 vs Fall 2016   Excel   PDF Spring 2016 vs Spring 2017  Excel   PDF
Fall 2014 vs Fall 2015   Excel   PDF Spring 2015 vs Spring 2016  Excel    PDF
Fall 2013 vs Fall 2014   Excel   PDF Spring 2014 vs Spring 2015   Excel   PDF
Fall 2012 vs Fall 2013   Excel   PDF Spring 2013 vs Spring 2014   Excel   PDF
Fall 2011 vs Fall 2012   Excel   PDF Spring 2012 vs Spring 2013   Excel   PDF
Fall 2010 vs Fall 2011   Excel   PDF Spring 2011 vs Spring 2012   Excel   PDF
Fall 2009 vs Fall 2010   Excel   PDF Spring 2010 vs Spring 2011   Excel   PDF
Fall 2008 vs Fall 2009   Excel   PDF Spring 2009 vs Spring 2010   Excel   PDF
Fall 2007 vs Fall 2008   Excel   PDF Spring 2008 vs Spring 2009   Excel   PDF
Fall 2006 vs Fall 2007   Excel   PDF Spring 2007 vs Spring 2008   Excel   PDF
Fall 2005 vs Fall 2006   Excel   PDF Spring 2006 vs Spring 2007   Excel   PDF
Fall 2004 vs Fall 2005   Excel   PDF Spring 2005 vs Spring 2006   Excel   PDF
Fall 2003 vs Fall 2004   Excel   PDF Spring 2004 vs Spring 2005   Excel   PDF

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