Explanatory Note Regarding Census Date

All student enrollment headcounts are as of the official Census Date, which is the last day of late registration each semester.

Enrollment data are dynamic; as students add and drop, and as records in the Student Information System (SIS) are updated, the numbers are in constant flux. In order to allow for consistency in reporting, and for comparable data from year to year, a "snapshot" of student data is taken at the same point during each Fall and Spring semester. This point, referred to as the Census Date, occurs at the end of each semester's late registration period, as defined by the Board of Regents.

All headcount tables are then produced from the database consisting of the frozen data. This means that students who are added to SIS after the Census Date are not included in any counts. Similarly, students who drop after the Census Date are included in the counts.

The Census Date data are used for federal and state reporting purposes, as well as for Databook tables, survey responses, and internal studies.