New Employee Information

Benefits Orientation

After you are hired as a new employee of the University of Nevada, Reno you will attend a new hire benefits orientation. At the new hire benefits orientation you will learn about the benefit programs offered to you and your eligible dependents. You will be provided with the enrollment materials for:

  • Health Insurance (this includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance, business travel accident and long term disability insurance)
  • Mandatory Retirement Plans
  • Voluntary Supplemental Savings Plans
  • Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Plans

To take part in a New Hire Benefits Orientation, please enroll through the Professional Development and Training website.

New Hire Benefits Orientation

This session will provide you with an overview of the benefits available to you as an employee of the University of Nevada, Reno. This session is generally offered once per month. It is approximately 3 hours in length and includes a presentation of the mandatory Sexual Harassment Training which will satisfy the requirement of all new employees to have sexual harassment training. Employees will also have the opportunity to enroll in health insurance benefits and retirement (if applicable).

If you have questions regarding New Hire Benefits please contact Lisa Taylor at (775) 784-6163 or

Notification Process for New Hire Benefits Orientation

  • The hiring department completes the New Employee Notification form from the university website.
  • The Benefits Department receives a copy of the New Employee Notification via email.
  • The employee or the hiring department may enroll for an orientation via the Professional Development and Training website and a confirmation will be sent to the employee.
  • The hiring department can also contact the Benefits department to schedule the new employee for an orientation.
  • If an employee that has been scheduled to attend a New Hire Benefits Orientation by the Benefits department and is unable to attend at the scheduled time, the employee should contact the Benefits department to reschedule. This information will be provided in the orientation invitation.

Benefits Summary Sheets

Here is a comprehensive list of benefits for all University employees. The individual benefits summary sheets below describe the benefits in greater detail:

If you have further questions about your benefits, go to the Benefits page.