Placement Into Rank, Range or Step

Academic Faculty

Salary schedules for 9-month ("B" contract) and 12-month ("A" contract) academic faculty include four ranks at Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor. New hires typically start at the Instructor or Assistant Professor rank. However, if a search advertises for and receives applicants qualified for higher ranks the new hire may be placed into the higher rank. Tenure upon hire is only awarded with approval by the Board of Regents.

Administrative Faculty

Administrative Faculty within the University of Nevada, Reno are grouped by level of responsibility. Positions are placed within one of five compensation grades on the approved Administrative Faculty Salary Schedule. Human Resources performs job evaluation for Administrative Faculty positions using the Administrative Faculty Job Evaluation Model and the Administrative Faculty Job Description Form. Salaries schedules are developed using comparative data from peer institutions and are approved by the Board of Regents. Administrative faculty positions require a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree.

A separate Executive Salary Schedule is established by NSHE for Dean and above administrators.

Student Employees

The student classification and compensation system is designed to establish consistent hiring and pay practices for all student employees throughout the University.

Employees hired above the maximum classification wage may be eligible for employment through the State classified employment system. The level and salary of a position should be a result of job responsibilities, supervision needed, and level of expertise required for the job. For example, many positions on campus are clerical in nature and require basic office skills. Such positions would fall under the Student Worker I classification. Positions requiring additional experience, knowledge, or skills would be assigned to higher classifications. The examples listed in each job classification may serve as a guide. Departments who want assistance in determining the appropriate level and pay scale may contact Student Employment staff at Human Resources.