July 9, 2014 Network Meeting

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Key Points from the July 9, 2014 meeting:

OSP Updates  
The VPRI has announced that beginning September 1, 2014, all UNR grant proposals and clinical trials must run through InfoEd. 

Nearly 500 UNR faculty and staff members have received training on how to enter proposals and/or clinical trials into InfoEd and route them for internal approvals.

If you are active in grants or clinical trials and still need InfoEd training, there are lots of upcoming training opportunities. The InfoEd training schedule is posted on the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) website: http://www.unr.edu/sponsored-projects/infoed-grants-management-software-system

OVL PAF deadlines: Summer OVL PAF deadline is September 1. Winter/Spring Break OVL PAF deadline is April 1. These dates are posted on the OSP website, along with other important dates relating to effort reporting.

Effort Reporting Training is now available, either to a group or individual. Please contact Michele Dondanville at 784-6360 or mdondanville@unr.edu  to set up a training. The training takes about an hour.

Effort reporting completion deadlines: Reports should be certified within 28 days of the report being released in ERS. It will be in delinquent status for an additional 14 days. If the report is still not certified, OSP will decide whether or not to put the project budget on temporary hold. Only exception is for clinical trials.

Export Controls: A procedure is in the works to get more information from people who are traveling internationally so that they are better trained about export controls. The VPRI is committed to building a more comprehensive export controls program, so there will be additional information over the next year as we build the program.

Library/I.T. Updates
PBX change dial 9 to something else coming soon
WebCampus classes for new faculty survey coming
DataWorks Citrix: Has improved, so please try it again.
Campus lab/office images are being updated this summer
TLT summer classroom rebuilds
             - If you have any more XP machines, let us know    now...vulnerabilities are being exploited already

Graduate Assistantship Updates

Grad Assistant GIA Form Revised
Information on Grad Assistant Insurance
PAFS and Terms

Contact Liz Carl or Brigette Glynn at 784-6082 for questions regarding Graduate Assistantships.
Benefits Updates
Benefits Coverage for the following employee types has a shorter waiting period:

  •          Classified Employees (benefits eligible at .53 FTE)
  •          Casual Laborer Employees (benefits eligible with 80+ hours per month)
  •          Letter of Appointment (benefits eligible at .50 FTE or 80+ hours per month)

Effective May 1, 2014 the waiting period is 60 calendar days for employees who have full-time employment.

Full time employment =  a minimum of 80 hours per month 
Department overhead for benefits eligible employees = $695.35 per month


NVision Health and Wellness FitBit Ordering Problems:  NVision USPM has not uploaded all of the employee files to the FITBIT Company.  This is causing employees to get an error message stating that the promo code (Insurance Card ID#) is not valid.

PEBP will alert the Benefits Office when the complete file has been sent to the FitBit Company.

Not to worry... PEBP is adding additional challenges so we all have the opportunity to complete the required challenges.
Classified Employee of the Month Nominations:    The Staff Employee's Council is calling for nominations for Employee of the Month. The award is to recognize outstanding full and part-time staff who exemplify the University's standards for excellence. Employees can work at any of the University's physical locations and must have been employed for at least one (1) year. Award criteria can be found as part of the nomination form online at: http://www.unr.edu/sec/forms-and-resources/forms