HR Liaison: Graduate Assistants

What's Needed to Hire a Graduate Student

  • At least the minimum monthly salary approved by the University of Nevada, Reno
  • The approved fringe rate to cover the cost of providing insurance
    • A Grant-in-aid/Fee Waiver to cover tuition/per credit fee costs**
      **an exception to the grant-in-aid/fee waiver is allowed for those graduate assistantships associated with Grants where tuition costs are disallowed. In those cases, the terms of employment must clearly indicate by the checked box: This contract does not include a grant-in-aid to cover tuition/fees.**
  • The Grant-in-aid/fee waiver covers Graduate Level courses only, However, in instances where a legitimate case can be made for a graduate student to take undergraduate courses (e.g. for a second language), a letter of exception can be addressed to the Graduate Dean for his/her consideration.
  • Faculty and students need to be aware that federal financial aid can be affected when a student enrolls in both undergraduate and graduate level credits. Federal financial aid is based on FULL TIME enrollment (9 credits) of Graduate level courses (600-700 level).
  • An enrollment of less than 9 credits of Graduate level courses (600-700 level) will proportionately reduce federal financial aid.
  • Information about Health Insurance

Forms for Graduate Assistant HR Liaisons