Employee Categories

University of Nevada, Reno has several different employment categories within our workforce team. These categories determine pay/compensation, benefits, leave and other elements of the employment relationship. The various employment categories are defined below.

To apply for a position at UNR, please visit the Job Opportunities page. 

Administrative Faculty

Professional staff members who perform responsibilities related to the formation and implementation of managerial policies or general operations of the university.

Academic Faculty

Professional staff members who specifically create and disseminate scholarly information through teaching, research and library services.

Classified Staff

Classified staff fulfill many different roles on the University campus. According to the State of Nevada, the following broad occupational group are usually in the classified system:

  1. Occupations in the fields of agriculture and conservation
  2. Clerical and related occupations
  3. Occupations relating to custodial and domestic services
  4. Occupations relating to library services
  5. Occupations in the field of education
  6. Engineering and allied occupations
  7. Occupations in fiscal management and related staff services
  8. Occupations relating to legal services
  9. Occupations in the mechanical and construction trades
  10. Occupations in the fields of medicine and health and related services
  11. Occupations in regulatory fields and in public safety
  12. Occupations in social services and rehabilitation
  13. Other occupations

Letter of Appointment

Part-time, temporary academic or administrative faculty appointment.

Temporary Faculty

Temporary faculty appointments are defined as positions for a duration of one year or less. Temporary appointments must be .50 FTE or more, must exceed three months of consecutive service, and may be funded by either state or non-state funds. Temporary appointments are issued for a fixed period of time, typically one semester or one year, and may be either "A" or "B" contracts. Temporary faculty have access to the same benefits start date and types of benefits as regular faculty.

Medical Residents

Resident physicians and resident dentists are doctors who are continuing their medical education after receipt of the medical or dental degree through continued instruction and the provision of patient care services by means of educational, clinical experience in University of Nevada-affiliated institutions and organizations, and who may also provide instructional services to medical students as the Residents' experience and education allows Please contact the School of Medicine for more information.

Postdoctoral Fellow

A temporary, advanced scholarly appointment of at least 50% FTE. It is a specialized education and training position in research or scholarship under the direction of a faculty sponsor(s) established for the Postdoctoral Fellows' continuing education and professional growth. Appointment is normally for one or two years, but in no case to exceed five years.

Graduate Assistant

These positions are offered through various academic departments and are paid by grants or state funds. Students interested in these positions must contact the department for specific requirements.
Graduate assistants perform a variety of duties from teaching undergraduate classes to grading papers, to conducting research in laboratories. Teaching assistants receive special teaching skills and training through the Graduate School. All graduate students holding an assistantship (teaching TA or research RA) are considered Nevada residents for tuition purposes.

Student Worker

Student employment is intended to be a learning experience that complements a student’s academic and career goals and provides valuable work experience.  By working part-time, students are able to earn money to help pay their college costs.  Additionally, student employees are a valuable asset to help meet the staffing needs of the University.

Temporary Hourly

Non-exempt job duties are paid hourly and are typically part-time but may be full-time for a few months. For more information, view our Temporary Hourly page for more information.