Employee Self-Service (ESS)

University of Nevada, Reno employees use the Employee Self-Service (ESS) system to receive paycheck advice notices, edit personal and office information such as email addresses on record and see tax and employment information. You can also download your W-4 tax form from ESS.

Dear ESS Customers,

There is an ESS issue with Mac and the new Adobe 11.0 release which may cause difficulty when trying to view paycheck advices when using the Firefox browser on a Mac computer. The new release of Adobe reader will display an error message when trying to view documents in ESS. This is an industry wide Adobe Reader issue and only affects Mac users with Firefox as their browser. This workaround has been created to help navigate under these circumstances:


When the Adobe error message appears click OK

  • Choose Tools from the browser menu bar
  • Choose Add-ons
  • Choose Plugins (tab at the left)
  • Click 'Disable' next to "Adobe Acrobat NPAPI Plugin"
  • Close the Add-ons Manager folder
  • Log out of ESS and retry

Access the Employee Self-Service (ESS) System.

Use ESS to update your:

  • Email Address on record
  • Office Information (work phone number, work fax number, cell phone number, mail stop, location)
  • Personal Information (home address, home phone number, emergency contact information, PIN)
  • Paycheck advice notices (paper or electronic through ESS)
  • Automatic payroll deductions

You can also view your:

  • Job and employment information
  • W-4 Tax Information
  • Paycheck

The data source for this directory is the Human Resources Management System (HRMS). Below are instructions on how you can make changes to the data. Once you modify the information in the HRMS system, it will be reflected in this directory the next business day.

Note: New employees are automatically added to the directory as soon as the appropriate paperwork is processed by the Payroll and Human Resources Departments. This directory includes people employed as academic and administrative faculty, classified staff, graduate assistant, letter of appointment, post doctoral fellow, executive or long term volunteer at the University of Nevada, Reno, NSHE and NCJFCJ. Persons not paid by NSHE but are affiliated with the university may contact the Worker's Compensation department at 784-4394 to appear in this directory.

Per UNR Policy, it is the responsibility of the employee to update their email address in ESS.

EMPLOYEE SELF SERVICE (ESS) - Go to the Update Menu in the ESS system if you want to modify information other than Name, Department or Title. If you need assistance with ESS (i.e., you forgot your pin number), please call (775) 784-6082.

Changing Your Name

If you are changing your name, please provide the following to the Payroll Department: a copy of your new social security card and an original W-4 form. Please also provide to your Human Resources Department: your benefits enrollment form and notification forms for any retirement membership enrollment change you make.

Changing Your Department or Title

If you are changing your department or title, contact your Human Resources office.

  • University of Nevada, Reno Human Resources (faculty, classified staff and postdoctoral fellows): (775) 784-6082
  • BCN Human Resources (volunteers): (775) 784-4394
  • Student Employment: (775) 784-6082
  • Graduate School (teaching & research assistants): (775) 784-6082
  • Medical School (medical residents): (775) 784-6043

ESS Features

Inquiry Menu - Employment Inquiry Menu

Use this menu to obtain basic Human Resources information on current position including status, hire dates, W4 information, etc.

Update Office Info

On-campus contact information including office location, phone/fax numbers and Notary Status. In the drop down box labeled Mail, select the categories of campus-wide email (mailing lists) you would like to receive.

Update Emergency Contact

Not publicly available but may be a lifesaver.

Update Address Info

Home address information and work/personal email addresses. Important for employee mailings including W2 and benefits information.

Alternate Address Update

For employees with more than one residence.

Update Personal Info

Update marital status  and nickname.