NSHE weekly COVID testing procedures and frequently asked questions

If you are an employee who was approved for a medical or religious waiver, you are required to complete weekly COVID-19 testing through NSHE’s approved testing provider. As an unvaccinated employee, you agreed to test weekly when you submitted your request for a waiver.

Testing will begin the week of February 27 thru March 5, 2022. New hires should not begin working until they are either vaccinated or have an approved waiver. If you are a new hire with an approved waiver, your requirement to test weekly will begin approximately 30 days after your first day of employment to allow PEBP time to deliver COVID tests to your home.

NSHE has partnered with the Public Employees Benefits Program (PEBP) and NAVICA to ensure compliance with the weekly testing requirement for unvaccinated employees. If you are required to test weekly, FedEx should have delivered a package of six testing kits to you at your home address, as listed in Workday (or as provided to HR via our address verification survey). If you did not receive tests, please send an email to employeevax@unr.edu and we will order tests for you.

This testing is at no cost to you as an employee. When you receive your tests each month, you will then conduct your weekly tests via a proctored video session at your own convenience, whether that is at home or at your work station. Your computer, tablet or smartphone will need to meet certain system requirements, such as having a reliable internet connection and a working camera and microphone (full system requirements listed in step 2 of the instructions below). A telehealth screener will walk you through the process of self-administering your test. They will then log the results and report to PEBP that you have completed the test.

NAVICA: Set up account and view past results Quest.eMed.com: Initiate your at-home covid test

The following instructions were adapted from PEBP's website for waiver-related testing compliance.

Step-by-step testing procedures

Step 1: Verify your home mailing address and check your mail for your tests.

As an employee with an approved waiver, you were sent an online form asking you to verify your home mailing address or to provide an alternative shipping address where PEBP could mail you your tests via FedEx. If you haven’t already, please verify that your home address is correct in Workday to ensure that you will receive your month’s supply of tests. FedEx cannot ship to Post Office boxes.

  • To change your home address in Workday, simply log into Workday and search for “Change my contact information.” Select the task when it appears at the top of the search bar. Click the pencil icon next to Primary Address to enter your new address, and click the yellow Submit button on the bottom left when done to save. More detailed instructions can be found in the Knowledge Base. (NetID login required at the top-right corner to access article.)
  • Tests will be mailed monthly during the first or second week of each month.

Step 2: Set up your accounts and device.

After reading the important tips and requirements bulleted list below, follow both steps one and two in PEBP’s instructions to create your NAVICA account and link it to your NSHE profile for employer verification. Failure to follow step two to link your account will affect your results reporting and result in you being marked as missing a test.

Important tips and requirements:

  • When registering your account, you must use your work e-mail address.
  • Select “employer/employee” as your Primary Use of NAVICA.
  • If you are PEBP benefits-eligible, the reference ID will be your specific PEBP ID. The PEBP ID can be found on your health insurance card or PEBP account, which can be accessed on the PEBP Benefitsplace. If you need help identifying or remembering your PEBP ID, you can call PEBP at (775) 684-7000 to speak to PEBP’s Member Services Unit (Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, excluding Federal and State holidays). If you are NOT benefits-eligible and therefore do not have PEBP ID, the reference ID will be your specific NSHE ID. You can view your NSHE ID in Workday. After logging in, open your Workday profile and you will see your NSHE ID listed as the first item under Job Details. (Please be aware that your NSHE ID is different than your Employee ID.)
  • When entering the PEBP ID or NSHE ID in the NAVICA system, omit all preceding zeros. For example, if the ID is 001234500, then enter 1234500.
  • Write down your password and put it in a secure place as you will need to use it to schedule and self-administer your tests.
  • The organization Connect Code is RRYJ-WZVE-P12A.
  • NAVICA proctored tests require audio input, audio output and video connection, and can be completed at your University workstation or at home. Specifically, your device must meet the following requirements for a successfully guided session:
    • Access to a stable internet connection with a minimum bandwidth of 650 kbps.
    • An internet-enabled device with a microphone, speakers, front-facing camera or webcam, and a supported browser as indicated below.
Table 1 Supported browsers and versions





Safari (V. 12.1.1+)

Samsung Internet (V. 12+)

Chrome (Version 78+)
Edge (V. 79+)
Safari (V. 12+)

Chrome (V. 78+)
Edge (V. 79+)

Step 3: Start testing.

When you receive your tests in the mail each month, you can then log into your new NAVICA account to begin your test at the time that is most convenient for you. You should choose one day and test the same day of each week to allow for 7 days between each test. Tests cannot be scheduled in advance, but you should be connected right away or with little wait time.

The test requires a valid ID to initiate. You will self-administer the test using a nasal swab while being observed. Results are available in 15 minutes.

When it is time to test:

  1. Wash/dry your hands and make sure you have a valid photo ID and an unopened test ready.
  2. Visit Quest.eMed.com to initiate your testing session.
  3. Click Start Testing > login with your NAVICA account information.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to prepare for your first test. Do not open the package before your virtually guided session. Your guide will give you the testing instructions, but you can watch a video demonstration of how to use the antigen test. Your testing guide will stay connected with you until your results can be recorded.
  5. Once you have linked your NAVICA account to PEPB, no action is required after each weekly test, as NAVICA will communicate directly to NSHE that your test has been completed.
  6. You can view a record of all past testing dates and results at mynavica.abbott.

Guidance for supervisors of unvaccinated employees

Supervisors should be familiar with the testing process and the FAQs below. Supervisors will be notified of their direct reports who are required to test.  On a weekly basis, Human Resources will receive a report of employees who tested the previous week. Human Resources will monitor the reports and will compare missed tests with Workday-approved leave to determine policy violations. If disciplinary action is to be taken, Human Resources will contact the supervisor to discuss the situation.

The weekly testing process can be completed at work or at home, but should not interfere with the duties of your position. Employees who choose to test outside normal work hours will not be compensated for that time. The testing process should take 15-20 minutes and can be completed during work time.

In general, the supervisor does not have a role in the testing process. If an employee tests positive, the employee is required to notify the supervisor. The supervisor should remind the employee to send positive test results to employeevax@unr.edu. This will exempt the employee from testing for 90 days.

Supervisors must ensure that employee leave requests are entered in Workday and approved timely as this information will be reviewed when employees fail to test in any given week.

Supervisors should exercise discretion when engaging in conversations with employees related to vaccination exemptions. Supervisors do not need to monitor the testing of their employees. Any conversation must be based on a business, need-to-know basis. This will generally occur when an employee has tested positive or has failed to test. Please contact the Human Resource Department with any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for unvaccinated employees