Automatic Progression for Classified Staff

Classified Staff

Classified automatic progressions are the result of recruitments in which the position is recruited for at a level lower then the fully authorized level of the position.  Progression to the authorized level occurs when the employee meets the requirements to move up to the next level, as determined by their department in cooperation with Business Center North Human Resources.  Automatic progressions resulting in a one grade change are eligible for a pay increase equivalent to a one step increase in the employee’s former grade.  Automatic progressions which result in a two grade change or more are compensated in the new grade at the step which is equivalent to a two step increase in the employee’s former grade or step 1 in the new grade, whichever is lower in pay.  Automatic progressions of two grades or more may impact an employee’s merit date.  For more information on contribution factors to promotion pay please refer to NAC 284.170, NAC 284.182, NAC 284.437 and NAC 284.4375 or contact Business Center North Human Resources at (775) 784-6844.