Demotion, Reassignment, Reorganization and Transfer for Administrative Faculty

A lateral transfer is the movement of a faculty member to another job in the same pay range as his or her present job within a department or between two departments. Lateral transfers should be accomplished without an increase in salary and could possibly result in a pay decrease depending upon the funds and equity within the department. Transfer may occur as the result of reorganization.

Demotion/reassignment is movement to a different position at a lower range as a result of the faculty member's request or an involuntary change. Demotion/reassignment is subject to a decrease in salary dependent on the range of the new position, salaries of incumbents currently in a similar position and equity across the University campus and within the department. If the demotion/reassignment is due to unsatisfactory performance, the salary decrease will be at a minimum of 10% per range decreased. In cases of demotion/reassignment, if the current salary is beyond the maximum of the lower range, the current salary is retained until such time as it is within the range as a result of range adjustments (i.e. ineligible for merit and COLA).