Cost of Living Adjustment

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The amount and date of COLA is established by the Nevada Legislature and authorized by the Governor. Cost of Living Adjustment is determined by the State Legislature and is a percentage of an employee's base salary and typically awarded across-the-board, regardless of funding source. The Nevada Legislature meets on the biennium in odd numbered years at which time they propose increases (if any) and dates of implementation, for the following two fiscal years.  COLA is typically allocated “across-the-board” to all eligible state employees effective July 1, but it is possible that the legislature allocate different amounts based on employee type or implement COLA at different times of the year. See a history of recent COLA here.

Eligible Employees

  • Classified Employees
    (adjustments are made to the classified compensation schedule)
  • Regular Continuing Faculty (adjustments are calculated by adding base salary + merit award multiplied by COLA %)

Ineligible Employees

  • Postdoctoral Fellows
  • Temporary Faculty
  • Letter-of-Appointment Faculty
  • Medical Residents
  • Student Employees
  • Graduate Student Employees (TA’s and RA’s)
  • Volunteers (unpaid)
  • Adjunct Faculty (unpaid)
  • Emeritus Faculty (unpaid)