Information about Salary Increases and Decreases

All academic and administrative faculty have a contracted annual base salary. Base salary can be increased through cost of living adjustments and merit increases. Additionally, faculty are eligible for academic promotions, administrative position reclassifications, internal equity adjustments, and/or external salary assessment study adjustments which impact base salary.

Overload, supplemental salary adjustments, stipends and temporary adjustments are available under specified conditions and do not impact base salary, just contract amount. Contract amount includes the full amount payable to the employee for the contract period that includes stipends, overload and other temporary salary increases. Supplemental pay - overload, supplemental salary adjustments and stipends - may not exceed 50% of base salary. An increase or decrease in base salary may also occur through a transfer, reorganization or demotion.

See the appropriately titled section below for details on each of these mechanisms for salary increase or adjustment: