Academic Faculty Toolkit and Evaluation

The University uses the academic and administrative performance evaluation and development process to evaluate, recognize, improve, and sustain quality employee performance within each department, college, school, and division of the University.

Every faculty member's contribution is important to the achievement of the University's mission of teaching, research, and service. Our performance evaluation and development process assists faculty members and supervisors in setting goals, engaging in professional development activities, and measuring and rewarding success. The process articulates individual goals and achievement in the context of the overall mission of the institution. The university is committed to individual and collective responsibility of the success of the institution by articulating goals, fostering open dialogue and constructive feedback, emphasizing quality performance, and supporting professional development.

Download the Full Toolkit, which describes the basis for the following evaluation parameters:

  • Annual Evaluation of Teaching
  • Annual Evaluation of Research, Scholarly, and Creative Work
  • Annual Evaluation of Service
  • Annual Evaluation of Primary Assignment of Non-Teaching Academic Faculty

See the Example Role document for assistance with filling out the evaluation.

Forms for Academic Faculty Evaluation

Academic Faculty