Administrative Faculty Job Description Process

Administrative Faculty positions are grouped by level of responsibility and relationship to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Positions are placed into one of five compensation grades specified by the Nevada System of Higher Education in the approved Administrative Faculty Salary Schedule. Human Resources performs job evaluation for Administrative Faculty positions using this model and information provided by the department on the Administrative Faculty Job Description Form. Salary schedules for the five compensation grades are developed using comparative data from peer institutions and are approved by the Chancellor.

Position Description Process

For at least the first six months of Workday, Create Position and Edit Position (for classification items only) will be centralized within HR. HR will initiate new positions, duty updates for filled positions, and changes/updates for vacant positions in Workday. The process for submission will be identical to what it is today.

  1. Department completes a job description using the AD Faculty Job Description Form
  2. Following approval from your Dean/VP by email, send the Word document and organizational chart to
  3. HR evaluates the position for grade placement then initiates the proper business process in Workday; it will route through the configured approval process

Requests for promotions for filled positions are initiated by the department using the Change Job business process.

Administrative Faculty Job Evaluation Fiscal Year Deadline

In order to accommodate July 1 effective dates for revisions to current, filled Administrative Faculty job descriptions/positions, submissions for job evaluation review must be received in HR by May 5 for a June 1 or later effective date.  Requests received after May 5, if approved, will not be effective until August 1 at the earliest.

Administrative Faculty Job Evaluation Resources