Compensation & Evaluation

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Classified Staff

BCN Human Resources is responsible for classification of all State of Nevada jobs assigned to NSHE North. This includes classification of new positions and reclassification of existing positions. The Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) defines the rules and regulations pertaining to position classification in sections 284.126 through 284.152.

Read more about the Staff Classification Process on the Business Center North website.

Among the primary duties of the Human Resources department at the University of Nevada, Reno is the planning, development and execution of a compensation plan that rewards and retains talent and encourages professional growth.

HR works across the University to create well-researched compensation plans that are fair and sustainable within the framework of the University and the State of Nevada. Significant attention is devoted to researching compensation trends across the United States and the University's market position in order to attract new talent to the University. Moreover, effort is given over toward assessing University structures as a whole to create a more efficient and dynamic work and learning environment for all.

HR is also responsible for the administration of Faculty Evaluations and assessments. Effectively evaluating Administrative and Academic faculty allows for a University where expectations are clearly understood and met. It also allows for an employee to demonstrate his or her abilities and define a path for personal and professional improvement and fulfillment.

Below is information about the University compensation system as well as the Faculty Evaluation process: