Financial Wellness Presentations

Informational Sessions for Financial / Wellness Seminars 

Planning Ahead for your PERS Retirement

Presented by: Nevada Public Employees Retirement System - (PERS) PERS Offers Informational Programs for Active Members.  These sessions are for all PERS participants who want to learn more about PERS benefits.  Discussions include information on retirement benefits, survivor benefits, purchasing service credit and more.  For more information, visit PERS Informational Programs for Active Members  PERS also has Audio Programs available for your convenience.

PEBP Informational Sessions

Presented by: Public Employees Benefits Program

Event categories include health and wellness, Medicare Retiree Informational Sessions and Pre-Medicare Retiree Informational Sessions.  View the PEBP Event Calendar for more information.  PEBP Also publishes a Quarterly Newsletter with announcements and updates.

Education Wellness

Upromise College Savings

This benefit is designed for all employees who are interested in an education savings plan. Lisa Connor from Upromise Investments is your contact for the Upromise College Fund, which is Nevada's 529 college savings program. A 529 plan allows people to save for college on a tax-deferred basis, for children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, even themselves. Nevada's plan offers several benefits to Nevada residents including a Silver State Matching Grant for families that qualify.