Guidelines on Issuing Grant-in-Aid for LOAs

Guidelines on Issuing Grant-in-Aid for LOAs

Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 3, Sections 11- 13

If the LOA faculty is teaching a non-credit course or not teaching, get his/her total FTE and determine the number of credits he/she can be eligible for by following the equivalency: 1 credit = 6.25%FTE, with a maximum of 6 credits to be issued.

Full Time Equivalency


FTE Equivalent

1 credit

6.25 %

2 credits

12.5 %

3 credits

18.75 %

4 credits

25 %

5 credits

31.25 %

6 credits

37.50 % and above

If the FTE percentage is not in increments of 6.25%, roll the percentage up to the next higher percent increment to determine the credits to be issued. For example, if the LOA faculty works 10%FTE, roll the percentage to the next higher percent increment which is 12.5% to give the LOA faculty 2 credits in grant-in-aid.

If a letter of credit equivalency (credit value of the work being done by a non-teaching LOA faculty) is received from the department/dean, the LOA faculty is eligible for the number of credits (6 credits maximum) stated in the letter.

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