About Human Resources

Human Resources and Business Center North are Here to Serve the Campus

At a Glance:

Associate Vice President:  Tim McFarling
Employees: 39
Contact: HR/BCN

Human Resources and Business Center North provide ongoing support and service for the professional and personal needs of University employees. HR is specifically responsible for administration of benefits, compensation and employee evaluation and training. HR is also responsible for affirmative action and the policies that promote equal employment opportunity and helps facilitate the hiring and new employee orientation processes.

Ultimately, the goal of the Human Resources department is to build a stronger University community with a foundation of satisfied and professionally-fulfilled faculty and support staff.

What's the Difference Between Faculty HR and Business Center North (BCN)?

Human Resources

The Faculty Human Resources department is responsible for the employment needs of University's administrative and academic faculty. Additionally, the department is also responsible for those positions specifically creating and disseminating scholarly information through teaching, research and library services. Other faculty appointments include Adjunct Faculty, Emeritus, Postdoctoral Fellows and Medical Residents.

Business Center North

Business Center North (BCN) is responsible for the employment needs of state Classified Employees across the six northern campuses of the Nevada System of Higher Education, including Classified Staff employed by the University of Nevada, Reno.

Business Center North also handles insurance administration for all staff and faculty of the University, including Administrative and Academic faculty.