XVI. Resident Responsibilities

You will be held responsible for conduct occurring in your room or suite. You may be held responsible for a violation discovered in your room or suite even if you are not present when the violation is discovered. You have accepted responsibility for your living area. Consequently, anyone in your room or suite is either a guest or trespasser.  Trespassers should be reported immediately.  

A. Check-In. You and your roommate or suitemates share responsibility for the condition of your room and/or suite. When you check-in, be sure all damages are listed on your inventory form. At the end of the year, you will be billed for any damages not listed at check-in. If you find damage after you move in, report it to your RA/CA immediately. Moving into a room without written authorization will result in a $50 administrative charge.

B. Checkout. You are responsible for your room and its contents until you are officially checked out. To check out, you must make an appointment with your RA/CA, turn in your keys, and sign your inventory form. Failure to make and keep an appointment to check out by the time the halls close will result in a charge of $50 for improper checkout. All of your belongings must be out of the building by the time the hall closes or at the completion of your last final exam, whichever is sooner.  Your RA/CA will indicate possible charges on the form; however, Residential Life, not your RA/CA, will make the final determination of charges.  You will be charged for cleaning if your room is left dirty and for any trash you leave in the building.

C. Cleanliness. You are also responsible to keep your room and suite area clean and free of any health or fire hazards.  You may check out a vacuum at the front desk for up to a half hour.  Hall staff may make routine inspections of rooms and suites to ensure compliance with health and safety standards. Charges will be assessed for cleaning any room which is found unsatisfactory. Continued failure to meet adequate standards may result in cleaning charges and/or cancellation of your License Agreement.

D. Visitation. We try to allow great flexibility in the area of visitation, which is why we allow it 24 hours a day, unless restricted by hall vote. Residents are permitted to have up to five guests at one time - this does not mean that each resident may have five guests at the same time. Due to the size of the rooms, the maximum number of persons (including guests, other residents, and residents of the room) allowed to be in any room may be limited for safety considerations.

E. Roommate Rights. Either roommate has the right to refuse or revoke room access to any unwanted guest at any time. A roommate's right to enjoy the room they pay for takes priority over the entertaining of guests by another roommate.

F. Overnight Guests.  Guests staying overnight are permitted occasionally for up to three days per month, as long as your roommate(s) agrees and you notify the student staff on your floor beforehand. All overnight guests must be signed in each time they enter the building during designated sign in hours. A non-resident may not be an overnight guest in the residence halls for more than three days per month. Residents who violate this requirement may be responsible for charges assessed for their guest's overnight use of the facilities. Residents of Canada Hall and Sierra Hall may request approval for extended guest stays through their Resident Director or Graduate Resident Director.