II. Quiet Hours and Noise

A. Courtesy Hours. Common courtesy hours concerning noise are in effect 24 hours a day. Loud voices and other activities in close proximity to the residence halls may also create excessive noise levels. The right to sleep and study always supersedes the right to make noise. Even an isolated outburst of excessive noise can wake someone from a much-needed nap or break one's concentration during a study session. This regulation recognizes that in any community consisting of so many diverse individuals, basic courtesy is always required for people to be able to pursue their own activities and schedules.

B. Excessive Noise. Excessive noise is not permitted at any time in or around the residence halls. Excessive noise in the residence halls is considered to be noise that can be heard more than one door (or residence hall room) away. Congregating in hallways and on balconies creates excessive noise, which should be avoided by moving into rooms, lounges, or suite common areas. Stereos are a frequent source of noise disturbance and high-powered stereos (including low-frequency speakers and "sub-woofers") are discouraged. Speakers should never be placed in or near windows and your door should always be closed when playing your stereo. Vehicles near the residence halls and loud music outside the halls can echo between buildings and create disturbances. Most musical instruments can easily create excessive noise such as guitars, drums, bongos, and other instruments. Residents who wish to use and practice these instruments may inquire at the practice room in the Music Building. Stereos, speakers, musical instruments, etc. that cause disturbance may be required to be removed from the residence halls as a condition of continued occupancy.

C. Quiet Hours. During designated quiet hours, particular courtesy should be shown to enable others to concentrate on their studies and get sufficient sleep. 

D. Designated Quiet Hours. Academic Pursuit/Quiet Living Options quiet hours are in effect 24 hours a day. Students living in a quiet study area are expected to sign a quiet study contract and abide by the terms of that agreement. Students who fail to maintain appropriate quiet study standards may be reassigned to another area and may have administrative action taken. 

E. Established Quiet Hours. Quiet hours are established as follows: Sunday - Thursday: 10 p.m. - 8 a.m. Friday - Saturday: midnight - 8 a.m. 

F. Extending Quiet Hours. Quiet hours may be extended by floor vote, but they may not be shortened. If you experience a problem with noise, you are encouraged first to speak directly with the responsible individuals. Then, if you are still not satisfied, seek your Residential Life staff for assistance. 

G. Final Exam Quiet Hours. During the final exam period, including prep day, quiet hours are in effect 24 hours a day. It is essential that a person's needs for sleep and study be particularly respected during final exams.

Chapter 5.III.: Guests and Security