IV. Building Access & Keys

A resident's WolfCard is used to gain access to their residence hall (and room/suite in some buildings). Upon check-in/move-in day, residents may be issued a "hard" key to access their room/suite. Both WolfCards and keys provide access to the residence hall communities. As a responsible community member, every resident has a duty to protect and secure their WolfCard and keys. Adhering to these building access and key policies will help ensure the safety and security of the residence hall communities. Violating these policies may result in administrative action up to License Agreement cancellation and removal from the residence halls.

Always close and lock your door whenever you leave your room, even if only for a short time. Never leave your room open or unlocked if your roommate is asleep! This leaves your roommate especially vulnerable. Violations to the security of the building as listed below may lead to disciplinary action up to and including License Agreement cancellation.

A. Building Entry. Entry into the building exterior entrances is made by using the individual resident's WolfCard. In some halls, the WolfCard is also used to access wing, suite, and even individual room doors. For this reason, all residents are required to obtain and carry their student ID card or an authorized equivalent. If a resident should lose their WolfCard, they need to notify housing staff immediately so the card's ability to access the building is canceled. The resident may be issued a temporary card to access their room, but they need to obtain a new WolfCard and have it programmed as soon as possible to obtain full hall access. Replacement ID cards are available at the WolfCard office located at the Joe Crowley Student Union.

B. Lockouts. If a resident is locked out of their room, they may request a lockout key or access card for their room. These lockout keys and access cards are available for up to 15 minutes. Residents who keep lockout keys or access cards are subject to charges and fees. Residents are granted 3 opportunities to check out a lockout key or access card. After three (3), residents are charged a $5.00 fee per lockout. Keys or access cards not returned in a timely manner (within 1 business day) will be presumed lost; residents will be charged for any subsequent lock changes or replacement costs.

C. Lost Keys. Residents are required to immediately report lost or stolen keys to the residence hall front desk. Residents may be issued a temporary key for 24 hours. After 24 hours, if the keys are not recovered or found, residents will be charged for any subsequent lock changes and replacement keys.

D. Lost WolfCard. All residents are required to obtain and carry their WolfCard. Residents are required to temporarily deactivate their WolfCard and immediately report it lost or stolen to the residence hall front desk. Temporarily deactivating a lost/stolen WolfCard will ensure that building access is revoked until the WolfCard is found or the resident buys a replacement (find out more about what to do about a lost Wolfcard). A replacement WolfCard can be purchased at the WolfCard office on the 3rd floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union. Building access and room access (for certain residence halls) for new replacement WolfCards may take up to 24 hours. If the new WolfCard does not provide building and/or room access after 24 hours, residents may visit their residence hall's front desk for assistance.

E. Failure to Report. Failure to immediately report missing keys or WolfCards creates a breach of security for everyone and is considered a serious offense to the residence community.

F. Building Access. You are responsible for carrying your WolfCard with you whenever you leave the building. It is not the responsibility of desk staff to open the door for those without their WolfCards.

G. Unauthorized Use. Duplicating, borrowing, or loaning room keys or WolfCards to guests or friends is strictly prohibited. Residents possessing any key or WolfCard other than their own are in violation of the Standards of Conduct which may result in administrative action up to License Agreement cancellation. Loaning your key or WolfCard may also result in the cancellation of your License Agreement.

H. False Requests for Access. Misrepresenting yourself in an attempt to gain access to a room may result in cancellation of your License Agreement.

Chapter 5.V. Failure to Comply