Appeals Process

Basis for Appeals

Following the conduct meeting, a resident may not agree with the outcome of the meeting, the assigned sanctions, or any combination of the same. Any resident found responsible for a violation of a residence hall policy may request an appeal. The request for an appeal must be in writing and be submitted within three (3) business days of the date appearing on the Conduct Resolution Form.

In order to be considered for a formal appeal hearing, the resident's appeal must specify in detail one or more of the following alleged conditions:

  • New information has been discovered and was not provided at the original conduct meeting
  • The assigned sanction was inappropriate for the policy violation
  • Bias or discrimination was displayed during the conduct process
  • The conduct process as outlined in these Standards of Conduct was not followed

Appeal Hearing Options

The Assistant Director of Student Conduct and Safety for Residential Life will determine if a resident has cause for an appeal. If the appeal request is granted, a formal appeal hearing will be scheduled. The decision of who will conduct the appeal hearing will be made based on the severity of the incident, the availability of board members, and the ability of those involved to impartially hear the case. Options may include:

  • Student Judicial Board
  • Assistant Director of Student Conduct and Safety for Residential Life (or another department designee)

If the appeal relates to the summary removal of a resident from the residence hall, the appeal will not be heard by a student judicial board.

During the appeal hearing, the resident and representatives from Residential Life will have an opportunity to present their information. The resident has the right to have an advisor present during the hearing. The advisor will not be permitted to speak on behalf of the resident. The decision of who will conduct the appeal hearing and the scheduled time and location will be shared with the resident prior to the scheduled appeal hearing.

Potential Outcomes of an Appeal

  • The finding and original sanction may be upheld
  • The original finding (and therefore sanctions) may be dismissed
  • The resident's housing status may be reinstated
  • The resident may be found "responsible" for all or part of the violation(s) in question. Assigned sanctions may be adjusted
  • Sanctions may be decreased, increased, or remain equivalent to the original sanctions
  • Policy violations may be modified based on the information provided in the appeal hearing

The Student Judicial Board, if applicable, will make recommendations to the Assistant Director of Student Conduct and Safety regarding any sanction or policy violation adjustment.

Any Residential Life action for violations of policy in the residence halls are administrative and may affect a resident's ability to remain in the residence halls. University conduct action related to the Student Code of Conduct may impact a resident's student status.  Changes in student status may also affect a resident's ability to remain in the residence halls.


In the event a resident's housing status is reinstated following an appeal of a summary removal, Residential Life may, if the circumstances of the resident's removal warrant it, establish specific prerequisites to such reinstatement.  The goal of such conditions, if any, is to prepare the resident for a successful return to the residence hall community.  If the removal was health-related, any conditions or requirements for reinstatement will be based on an individualized assessment of the resident, including consideration of current medical knowledge and/or the best available objective evidence.  Careful consideration will be given to the opinions and recommendations of the resident's treating physician or mental health professional, if available.

Submitting the Appeal Form

If you would like to appeal your conduct case, you must submit an Appeal Request Form within three (3) business days of your conduct meeting date (located in your Hearing Decision Letter). Once submitted, your Appeal Request will be reviewed by the Assistant Director for Student Conduct and Safety or other designee.

While your Appeal Request is being reviewed, you are still responsible for following all instructions provided to you during the conduct meeting and completing all sanctions as outlined in your Hearing Decision Letter. You will receive an email notification regarding your Appeal Request status (approved or denied) within five (5) business days from the date it was received. If your Appeal Request is approved, your email notification will include information regarding the date, time, and location of your appeal hearing. The Appeal Request form website link will be provided in your Hearing Decision Letter. If you would like additional accommodations, please contact the Residential Life office at 775-784-1113.

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