XII. Alcohol

Civil Protective Custody. A person who is found in any public place under the influence of alcohol, in such a condition that the person is unable to exercise care for their own health or safety or the health or safety of others, must be placed under civil protective custody by a peace officer (NRS 458.270).

A. Possession or Consumption. Possession (internal or external) or possession through the consumption of alcoholic beverages in and around the residence halls is permitted only by residents and their guests 21 years of age or older, in student rooms, with doors closed, and with no minors present.

A.1. Legal Drinking Age. Residents 21 years of age or older consuming alcohol with minors (those not of legal drinking age) is strictly prohibited. Excessive consumption of alcohol is prohibited in all situations, including those activities intended to encourage consumption of alcohol, regardless of the age of the person(s) involved.

B. In Presence Of. Alcohol may not be consumed or stored in rooms/suites (including refrigerators) if any resident or guest is under 21 years old. If alcohol is consumed or stored in rooms/suites (including refrigerators) and residents or guests under 21 years old are present, everyone present is considered as involved in a policy violation incident and subject to the conduct process. Everyone present will be included in the incident report and contacted by the Resident Director, Graduate Director, or other designee.

C. Guests & Alcohol. Regardless of age, individuals who are not residents, are not permitted to bring alcohol in to any residence hall or dining facility.

D. Excessive Quantities & Large Containers. Regardless of the age of those present, large amounts of alcohol are not permitted in the residence halls at any time. Brewing kits, kegs, pony kegs, beer bongs, funnels, taps, and party balls, whether empty or full, are prohibited.

E. Empty Containers. Empty containers of alcohol, including those used for "decoration," may be considered evidence of prior consumption in the room or suite.

F. Drinking Games. Any activity in which a consequence or reward is to drink is prohibited, regardless of the liquid being consumed. Water pong and other drinking games that may not involve alcohol is a violation of this policy.

G. Common Areas. Alcohol is not permitted in any residence hall common area such as entrances, hallways, or lounges, or on adjacent grounds. Parcels and bags in public areas or being brought into residence halls are subject to inspection. Staff members are authorized to take reasonable action to ensure that alcohol is not inappropriately brought onto residence hall property.

Chapter 5.XIII.: Drugs & Other Substances