XV. Additional Policies and Practices

A. Abandoned Items 

In those instances where items are left in the residence facilities after the owner or resident has moved from the hall, Residential Life shall declare the items abandoned in favor of the University. Residents may be charged for removal, shipping and/or storage of items.

B. Unauthorized Move-In 

No students are authorized to move until they have received official written approval. It is the responsibility of each resident to inform his/her roommate(s) when a room change has been processed. Room and roommate changes made without official written approval will result in administrative action, including but not limited to, a $50 improper room check-out charge and the requirement that you move back to your original room.

C. Notification of Parents 

In certain situations, such as medical emergencies, underage drinking, drug or substance use, behavioral misconduct, or financial issues, Residential Life reserves the right to contact residents' parents, legal guardian, or other emergency contacts.

D. Directory Information 

Any violation of UNR Privacy Notice and Request for Confidential Status of Directory Information policy is prohibited.

E. Insurance 

While the University has a Student Health Center to treat minor health issues at a reduced cost, residents should ensure that they have health insurance coverage available for serious health concerns, either through their parent's policies, and /or specific policies that include student health coverage.

The University is not liable for loss, theft or damage to any personal property, including during times you are away from the hall. You may wish to take home or store your valuables over holiday periods. Any thefts should be reported immediately to the front desk and the University Police Services. We recommend that you buy insurance for your personal property and engrave a personal identification number on your valuables. We also strongly recommend that you purchase health insurance if you are not covered under your parents' policy.

Chapter 5.XVI.: Resident Responsibilities