XIV. Residence Hall Community

A. Solicitation/Business 

All solicitation or hand distribution of printed material near, around, or within the residence halls is prohibited without special permission from Residential Life, Housing and Food Service.  Residence hall rooms and public areas may not be used for any business or remunerative purposes, including storing of commodities. Sales demonstrations or soliciting within the residence halls is not allowed. In addition, campus computer labs may not be used for business purposes. Residents should refuse anyone attempting to sell a product or provide services.  Immediately report any solicitation occurring in the residence halls. Because door-to-door solicitation is prohibited in the residence halls, should someone come to your room offering to sell something or provide services - you should refuse to do business with them and notify department staff immediately. Experience has shown that most of the sales people who would enter the halls in violation of our policy are not legitimate and are often trying to "scam" residents.

B. Damage Policy 

If responsibility for damages or excessive cleaning cannot be determined, charges will be billed as follows:

B.1. For damage within a room or suite/apartment: charges will be divided equally among all residents living in the room, suite or apartment. This includes damage to or cleaning of bathroom and kitchen areas. 

B.2. For damage to public areas: charges will be divided equally among all students on the floor or in the hall. 

C. Banned Individuals and Trespassing 

The Department of Residential Life, Housing, and Food Service reserves the right to restrict access to any department facilities at any time to any persons or groups. Individuals may be banned from the residence halls; individuals not adhering to the conditions of their ban are considered trespassers and law enforcement may be contacted.  When a student's License Agreement has been cancelled, the student may not be in or around the residence halls, even as a guest or visitor, for the remainder of the academic year or date indicated on their cancellation letter. 

D. Storage

Residents may not store any items such as bicycles or personal property in hallways, stairwells, or other common space. Each resident must keep all of their possessions in their room or suite. No storage space is available at the residence halls in which to store suitcases, boxes, trunks or additional furniture.

Chapter 5.XV.: Additional Policies and Practices