Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 Housing and Dining Rates

An initial payment of $325 ($200, plus a $125 deposit) is due when you submit your License Agreement Signature Form or License Agreement Web Form. In addition to the initial payment a second payment of $175 is due by June 15th. The $125 deposit is refundable upon completion of the License Agreement (less any damage, lost key, or other charges) but is forfeited if the License Agreement is canceled at any time.

The $200 initial payment and $175 second payment are applied to the student's housing charges and are only refundable if the student cancels their License Agreement before June 15, 2018 (October 15, 2018 for Spring Only 2018 contracts). Cancellations received between June 16, 2018 and July 31, 2018 will forfeit the $200 initial payment in addition to the security deposit (October 16, 2018 and December 1, 2018 for Spring Only 2018 contracts).  A cancellation fee applies for all cancellations after July 31, 2018 (after December 1, 2018 for Spring Only). The remaining balance of your room charge and the full amount of your meal plan charge will be due when tuition and all other fees are due in August. Please refer to the CHARGES/REFUNDS section of the License Agreement for more details.

Note: Failure to pay the amount on or before the due date will result in action by the University including, but not limited to, eviction, exclusion from meals, academic holds, payment due in full, and/or late fees.

University policy requires that each semester's room and board fees, along with other university charges will be deducted from financial aid or scholarships. A portion of the student fees will be used to purchase food and beverages in support of student programs.

Housing Rates

Hall Occupancy Fall Spring Year Total Spring Only
Argenta Hall Triple $3070 $2510 $5580 $2790
Great Basin Hall Triple $3405 $2785 $6190 $3095
Great Basin Hall Double $3935 $3215 $7150 $3575
Great Basin Hall Single $4675 $3825 $8500 $4250
Canada Hall Double $3405 $2785 $6190 $3095
Juniper Hall Double $3070 $2510 $5580 $2790
Juniper Hall Single $3825 $3125 $6950 $3475
Nevada Living Learning Community Double $3935 $3215 $7150 $3575
Nevada Living Learning Community Single $4785 $3915 $8700 $4350
Nye Hall Double $3070 $2510 $5580 $2790
Peavine Hall Triple $3070 $2510 $5580 $2790
Peavine Hall Double $3935 $3215 $7150 $3575
Sierra Hall Double/Triple $3070 $2510 $5580 $2790
Sierra Hall LargeDouble $3405 $2785 $6190 $3095
Sierra Hall Single $4045 $3305 $7350 $3675
Sierra Hall Premium $4900 $4010 $8910 $4455

Each plan provides a number of weekly meals per week and FoodBucks to allow students convenience and flexibility with their plan.

Learn More About the Community Meal Plan (Non-Resident)

Weekly Meals usage allows:

  • Unlimited use (up to the allotted meals per week) for the meal plan holder at The Downunder Café
  • Unlimited use (up to the allotted meals per week) Monday - Friday in the D-C Store after the Downunder Café beginning at 10:45 a.m.
  • Unlimited use (up to the allotted meals per week) Saturday - Sunday in the D-C Store between brunch and dinner and after dinner until closing.
  • "To Go" Meals from the Downunder Café.
  • Guests Swipes
  • Access to the Grab-N-Go (swipe out) program


Each meal plan includes a designated amount of a declining balance credit called FoodBucks.

FoodBucks can be used at any dining location on campus and you receive a 10% discount and an additional 8.265% savings by not having to pay sales tax (except when used at the Joe Crowley Student Union).

When making a food purchase, simply present your WolfCard to the cashier and let them know you would like to pay with FoodBucks. The amount of your purchase is then deducted from your FoodBucks balance. 

Meal Plan Changes:

You are allowed one meal plan change during the first three weeks of each semester. To request a Meal Plan change, please visit your online Housing Profile and complete the Meal Plan Change Academic Year Application. 

Plan Weekly Meals FoodBucks
Fall Spring Total Spring Only FoodBucks Spring Only
A 19 $160/$140 $2975 $2435 $5410 $2705 $150
B 15 $210/$190 $2835 $2315 $5150 $2575 $200
C 12 $265/$235 $2500 $2040 $4540 $2270 $250
D 10 $370/$330 $2315 $1895 $4210 $2105 $350