Photo of New LLC Building


Designed for new business students to achieve academic and personal success in their first year. Students will interact with each other and with Nevada faculty and staff by enrolling in a common set of courses including IS 101, BUS 101 and dedicated sections of required math and English classes. The Business Living Learning Community is open to all freshmen business students.

Goals: By the end of the academic year, students in the Business LLC will:

“I loved meeting new people and living with an awesome roommate for the year. It made my transition to college that much easier.”

Jeremy Swayze, Major: Pre-Business, Business LLC

“The LLC helped me grow to the person I am today. The people and academic focus in the building made my freshman year of college amazing.”

Joe Welch, Major: Accounting/Finance, Business LLC

“I loved the friendships that I formed and the close community feel that the floors provided.”

Zachary Reed, Major: Pre-Business, Business LLC

  • Become a member of any student organization on campus to begin developing their leadership skills.
  • Create a four year plan within the myNevada system.
  • Understand the importance of networking within the Business field and participate in Business events such as business week.

Events offered to students living in the LLC:

  • How to Network Effectively - A representative from Men's Warehouse presented on the importance of networking as well as tricks of the trade for interviews and interview attire.
  • Are You A Leader? - A discussion on leadership skills that are necessary to have or acquire to be effective in the business world.
  • Business 101 Catchphrase - A game provided around exam time to help students learn common terminology designed around the game "Catchphrase".