The Nevada Living Learning Community

Students studying together

Living Learning Communities provide educational and social opportunities to students who have chosen to live on campus. Students live with others who share an interest in academic and professional issues. Students are assigned to the same floor in the residence hall, take one or more core courses with other students in the LLC, and actively participate in their floor communities.

As featured in Nevada News

"Students accepted into Nevada's Living Learning Communities cultivate the skills and abilities needed to succeed at the University through a variety of unique experiences. The close interaction with faculty and experiential connections to the University curriculum help all participants develop leadership and community service values."

Shannon Ellis - Vice President for Student Services

Why are there nine Living Learning Communities in the residence halls?

Nevada embraces the diversity of interests and experiences brought to campus by new students. Multiple Living Learning Communities allow students to choose divergent paths while remaining committed to success at Nevada.

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Advantages of Participating in Living Learning Communities

  • Unique opportunities to explore Nevada with yearlong support from peers, advisors, faculty and staff
  • Greater interaction with community, faculty, and classmates
  • Opportunity to live among other dedicated students with similar interests and ambitions
  • Dedicated study and meeting space in the communities
  • Opportunities to participate in programs designed to enhance academic and personal success

What is required of me being part of a Living Learning Community?

  • Participate in required Living Learning Community courses
  • Work closely with faculty and peers to explore issues related to academic life, majors and careers
  • Meet University, Residential Life and, if applicable, Honors Program academic expectations
  • Be an active member of your Living Learning Community
  • Support an environment conducive to academic success

Living Learning Community Requirements

What if I still have questions?

Students interested in Honors may contact:

Dr. Tamara Valentine, Director of the Honors Program
Telephone: (775) 784-1455

Students interested in WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) or Science may contact:

Dr. Regina Tempel, Associate Dean, College of Science
Telephone: (775) 784-4591
E-mail: or

Students interested in any of the Living Learning Communities may contact:

Peter Gatto, Assistant Director
Telephone: (775) 682-7882