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WISE (Women in Science & Engineering)

A living learning community for first-year women majoring in science, mathematics, or engineering. Members of the WISE living learning community build personal and professional networks that last a lifetime. An intensive first-year experience introduces WISE members to mentoring and support systems within the University and beyond. Additionally, programs created specifically for WISE members provide a forum for members to explore educational, professional and leadership opportunities. WISE members have enhanced access to associated faculty, academic advising, and study groups. For more information, a complete list of eligible majors, other eligibility requirements, and how to apply for WISE, please see the Women in Science and Engineering website.

Goals: By the end of the academic year, students in the WISE LLC will:

  • Establish a sense of community and support group within the field as well as develop pre-professional relationships with other women who are entering typically male-dominated fields
  • Recognize and actively participate in a pre-professional organization within their field.
  • Be exposed to the importance of networking in the field through internships and will demonstrate this knowledge by starting the process of searching for and applying to internships or undergraduate research opportunities.

Events offered to students living in the LLC:

  • WiSE Panel - A panel of current WiSE students provided to share stories and get questions answered about common difficulties faced by women in fields dominated by men.