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Argenta Hall:  A Civic Engagement Theme Community

Civic engagement in Argenta Hall is all about being actively involved in enhancing the immediate campus community and greater Reno community in a way that makes residents part of something bigger than themselves.  It means taking a step back from your own life and using your privilege to improve the lives of others in the community through service.  Residents have the opportunity to learn more about themselves through self and group reflection, while making a direct impact on the community around them.  While living in Argenta Hall, residents can become part of a community that gives back, while inspiring their peers to do the same.

Three features that make Argenta Hall different:

  1. The Argenta Hall Civic Engagement - themed community provides residents with an opportunity to place a priority on service and becoming involved in their campus and/or regional community.
  2. Each resident will participate in service in the campus and/or regional community based on their personal passions and interests.
  3. Many of the programs and activities in the building will provide students with opportunities to interact with and provide service to one of the building's eight community partners.

Hall Features

  • Seven (7) floors, housing up to 750 residents
  • Main lounge on Mezzaline Level
  • Television and quiet-study lounges on every floor
  • Laundry and vending facilities
  • Front desk open 24 hours/day during academic sessions
  • Wireless internet in all rooms and common spaces (wired options in each room)
  • Downunder Café located on the ground floor

Room Layouts & Features

  • Same-gender rooms, coed floors
  • Bed to Bathroom Ratio of 3 to 1 (1 bedroom with 3 beds) and one bathroom to be shared by all 3 students
  • Each resident has a single oak bed with 80" long mattress (beds may be bunked)
  • Each resident has a desk, chair, and dresser
  • Two bookcases
  • Window coverings on all windows
  • Wastebasket

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Do I have to participate in the civic engagement theme if I live in Argenta Hall?

  • Yes.  Each student will be asked to develop and complete a personal civic engagement goal and will participate in some sort of service to the campus/ and or regional community.

2.) If I am already doing community service...will that count?

  • Yes.  Our goal is to have every student in Argenta Hall involved in some form of community service.  How they complete their community service is an individual choice.  Some ways that it may be completed include:
    • Participation in a hall-sponsored program or activity with one of the Argenta Hall community partners.
    • Participation in service a student completes for a class or club they are involved in.
    • Participation in service the student does on their own.

3.) What if I don't want to participate in the civic engagement theme?

  • As it is a requirement of living in this specific community, please consider living in one of our other halls if you don't wish to challenge yourself in this way.

4.) Who checks to make sure that I complete my service?

  • Professional and student staff will work with you throughout the year to help you achieve your civic engagement goals.

5.) What if I don't achieve all of my civic engagement goals?

  • We hope that students challenge themselves enough that they may not be able to accomplish their goals.  The hall staff will support and challenge you to continually re-evaluate your goals and consider new experiences throughout the academic year.

6.) Are there required programs to attend?

  • Monthly community meetings are required in all of our halls, but there are no specific civic engagement programs that require attendance.  However, we hope you will take advantage of many of the programs and activities that will be offered within your hall.

7.) What are some examples of service projects that Argenta Hall residents have done in conjunction with their community partners?

  • Kiwanis Bike Club
    - Residents helped teach children how to ride a bike.
  • FoodBank of Northern Nevada
    - Residents sorted food to be distributed across the state for citizens who are food insecure.
  • Nevada Humane Society
    - Residents created tie-blankets to be donated to the animals in the shelter.
  • Children's Cabinet
    - Residents made Christmas cards to be distributed to youth living in poverty.


Room and furniture dimensions

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Layout of Argenta Hall rooms

Layout and sizing of Argenta Hall rooms

Argenta Hall floor plan

Argenta Hall floor plan

Resident Directors

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