Before stepping foot in your room

Want to save yourself a lot of time, energy, and money? Contact your other roommates before moving in and follow these four simple steps.

  • Spend a few minutes on the phone getting to know each other. Find out what you like, don't like, favorite foods, music, classes you're taking, major, study habits, etc.
  • Decide which items you and your roommates are going to bring. You definitely don't want to show up on move in day and realize you have three refrigerators! Working together to decide who will be responsible for bringing what items will not only make packing and move in easier, but it will also save you from buying things someone may already you can save money, too!!
  • Decide and agree on what you want in your room. Working together and discussing what you want to have in your room will not only alleviate problems, but will also make packing and organizing much easier. Who knows, you may have similar or different tastes in colors, posters, and knick-knacks, but combining something from each of your likes could create a room enjoyable for everyone!
  • Find out when everyone is moving in. Knowing when your other roommates are arriving and possibly coordinating your arrivals will make move in a lot smoother. If you all arrive around the same time it may be really chaotic OR you may decide that it is much easier to organize and get settled in right away. You should work together to decide what is best for all of you.