Ponderosa Village Move-in Info

Welcome and thank you for choosing to live with us at Ponderosa Village! Opening Day is right around the Corner and we want to make sure that you are all ready for your move in. Ponderosa Village is scheduled to open in August.  Please look below for all your move-in information.  

MOVE-IN:  Ponderosa Village will have check-in and keys ready at the Ponderosa Club House located in Building F. We will have staff available 8-5pm.

CABLE TELEVISION: The units are cable ready, if you are interested in activating it please contact Charter Communications at 888-438-2427 for packages and pricing.
Remember:   Ponderosa Village already provides internet to your apartment.  Notify Charter if you wish to upgrade your internet.
NOTE: Other cable or dish providers are prohibited

ELECTRIC/GAS:  the units are ready for you to activate your utilities. For more information on this please contact Nevada Energy at (775) 834-4444 or log on to the NV Energy website.  Also, let them know your move in date and apartment address so that they know when and where to activate your service.

STORAGE:  Ponderosa Village is NOT equipped with garage or storage units. If you need a storage unit, below is a list of local units nearby.

Emigrant Storage & Moving
1680 Evans Avenue Reno, NV. 89512

Public Storage
1020 N. McCarran Blvd. Reno, Nv 89512

A-American Self Storage
2075 Valley Rd.
Reno, NV 89512-1514
Phone: (775) 386-2267

MAIL:  The US Postal Service does not deliver to Ponderosa Village. Located on campus is a United States Post Office where students may rent a post office box by contacting (775) 348-2090.

NOTE: Packages received at Ponderosa Village prior to opening will be returned to sender. For additional questions please call  775-682-7891

PARKING SERVICES: Please visit the Parking Services web page or call (775) 784-4654 .

FURNITURE: Keep in mind that the apartments will NOT be furnished; this will allow you to personalize your space.  If you are interested in Renting Furniture below are some places that can help you furnish your apartment.

Furnish a one-bedroom apartment a living room, dining room and bedroom starting at $99/month, or you can purchase for a low cost. 
775-828-3900, or jan.short@cort.com

Recycled Furniture
Offers gently used beds, dressers, tables and other furniture.  Delivery options are available for students at a low price.  Prices may vary 
(775) 786-1002 

Graduate Student Association Household Items Program
Contact GSA for more information 

EARLY ARRIVAL: If you are arriving to Reno before the opening date, below are some areas for you to look into for temporary housing

Temporary Summer Housing:
University Residence Halls Summer Housing

In addition, there are various close-by hotels and motels that provide inexpensive nightly room rates.  Please check these locations directly for details.

Ponderosa Village is offering daily site tours. If you are interested in attending please contact Mike Cutler to schedule one.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to reach out at  (775) 682-7891 or (775) 682-7900.