VIII. Prohibited Items

Many items are not permitted on Ponderosa Village property. Such items may be confiscated and held until they can be removed from property permanently. Items prohibited include, but may not be limited to: 

a.     Weapons: Any weapons, including firearms, BB guns, paint ball guns, pellet or "air soft" guns, bows and arrows, bullets or other ammunition, martial arts weapons, or any item that is a reasonable facsimile of the listed weapons. Possession of these items may result in the cancellation of your lease agreement as well as additional disciplinary action. 
b.     Flammables/Explosives: Flammable liquids, harmful chemicals, photo chemicals, barbecue grills, charcoal, gasoline, explosives, flares, firecrackers, fireworks, and any other items that may be determined to be hazardous. Possession of such materials may result in disciplinary action.   
c.      Other: No Water beds  
d.     Stolen Property: Possession or storage of stolen property in your apartment, such as signs, shopping carts, and items obtained through theft, etc.
e.      Vehicles/Transportation: Motorcycles, mopeds and automotive parts or components may not be kept in or around the buildings, except in designated parking areas. Bicycles may not be kept in hallways, stairwells, balconies, or public areas, except in designated racks.