IX. Prohibited Activities

The following activities create a risk of damage, injury or other intrusion on the rights of others and will result in disciplinary action: 
a.     Vandalism/Theft: Vandalism, damage to, tampering with, or theft of university or personal property. If you accidentally cause damage, report it immediately.  Otherwise, it may become a disciplinary issue.
b.     Throwing Items: Throwing or discharging anything from or toward the building, or in the hall way, including water balloons, bottles, cigarette butts, litter, food, balls, rocks, spit, etc. 
c.     Building Exterior:  Being on any part of the building's outside structure, including window sills, window ledges, roofs, attics, walls or railings. This also includes a prohibition on entering or assisting others in accessing any unauthorized areas such as mechanical rooms and or other restricted areas.
d.     Television equipment : Satellite Dishes will are not allowed to be mounted on the buildings
e.     Electrical Overload: Overloading electrical outlets and/or altering existing power or communication infrastructure. Residents will be held responsible for damages caused by these actions. Residents are also responsible to provide surge protection devices for any sensitive electronic equipment they use in the facilities.
f.     Ceiling/Fire Devices: Attaching any items to the ceiling, water pipes, sprinklers, smoke detectors or other items on or near the ceiling in your room. 
g.     Painting: Painting or drawing on the walls of your room.
h.     Windows: Removing or tampering with window screens or blocks may lead to charges high as $300-$400 may be assessed. Many of our screens are custom made and not easily replaced. Secured screens may serve a security function and there are no valid reasons to remove one except in case of fire or other emergency. 
i.     Hallways & Storages: Stair cases and hallways are walkways and must be kept clear of all objects at all times. Storing or placing items outside apartment door, windows, on ledges, on hallways or on railings is not permitted.
j.     Posting: All signs for posting in public areas must follow university department posting policies.
k.     Electronics/Wiring: Connecting cable, speaker, phone or other wire between rooms, inside or outside the building. Attaching devices such as flat screen monitors or televisions to walls is prohibited.
l.     Wheeled Activities: Activities such as cycling, rollerblading, roller skating or skateboarding in the hallways, building entrances and exits, and parking lots are not permitted. Motorized vehicles such as mopeds are also prohibited on the walkways and sidewalks
m.     Smoking: As of August 1, 2015 the entire campus is a no smoking, no tobacco area therefore no smoking (E-cigs included) or chewing tobacco is permitted inside any unit or next to any building on campus.
n.     Parking: Parking illegally in areas adjacent to the Ponderosa Village. Parking in reserved spaces denies fellow residents a right they have paid for.  Parking in fire lanes, etc., may obstruct emergency vehicle access, threatening the safety of the entire residence hall community. 
o.     Inappropriate Access: Entering any unassigned apartment or location without consent will result in serious disciplinary action.
p.     Community Equipment: Misuse of common area games or equipment; failing to return checked-out equipment promptly. 
q.     Activities Prohibited by Law:  Any item, activity or behavior that is illegal under local, state or federal law, or deemed by University Staff as not conducive to community living is prohibited. In addition, as a condition of continuing occupancy, a resident may be required to authorize the university to conduct a background check of any possible arrest record or other possible criminal history.