XIII. Ponderosa Village Community

a.     Solicitation/Business:  All door-to-door solicitation or hand distribution of printed material near, around, or within Ponderosa Village is prohibited without special permission from Residential Life, Housing and Food Service.  Residence halls, Ponderosa Village and public areas may not be used for any business or remunerative purposes, including storing of commodities. Sales demonstrations or soliciting is not allowed. Because door-to-door solicitation is prohibited, should someone come to your door offering to sell something or provide services - you should refuse to do business with them and notify your Apartment Manager immediately.
b.     Storage: Each resident must keep all of their possessions in their room or apartment. No storage space is available, in which to store suitcases, boxes, trunks or additional furniture. Residents may not store any items such as bicycles or personal property in hallways, stairwells, or other common space.

c.     Noise: As residents of Ponderosa Village community residents must respect and value the concept of an "academic community". Therefore being courteous and respectful to your neighbors in terms of the level of noise generated is a priority. If there is a noise violation (see Lease agreement, Exhibit B Resident rules and regulations).  Following process will be followed:

A.     1st Offense: Verbal Warning

B.     2nd offense: Written Warning

C.     3rd offense: $100.00 Fine

D.     4th Offense: Eviction Cause