XII. Pet Standards

a.     Pets are permitted only in one bedroom homes and two bedrooms that are rented in the entirety.  Pets are not permitted when a two bedroom is rented by the room.
b.     Only two pets are allowed per unit.  Fish tanks and bird cages count as one pet.  No more than one 50 gallon fish tank is permitted on the premises.  No more than two bird cages are permitted in the Premises.
c.     Exotic pets are not permitted - only dogs, cats, birds, or fish.
d.     The following dog breeds are not permitted:  Akita, American Bull Dog, Chow, Doberman, Pit Bull, and Rottweiler.
e.     No "visiting" pets are permitted without prior Community Management Office approval.
f.     Management must approve all pets and all required documents are to be on file prior to housing any pet.
g.     Pets are not allowed outside the owner's unit or any common area unless with owner and secured by a leash or other suitable restraint.
h.     Any pet found loose will be turned in to the Animal Control Center. The owner shall be responsible for retrieving that animal, at his or her own expense.
i.     Pet owners must clean up their dog droppings immediately. Pet owners are encouraged to use doggie bags located in marked areas and dumped in trash bins.
j.     No pet shall be allowed to be a nuisance or danger to inhabitants of the complex.
k.     Pets are not allowed on the Tot Lot (Children's playground) or inside the Club house
l.     Any member of the community is authorized to report any animals running loose, without a leash, or violation of this section.
m.     If, after notice and assessment, an owner continues to fail to control their pet residing with them, Ponderosa Village reserves the right to order the owner to remove the pet from the complex.
n.     Please refer to your pet addendum for additional information

o.     Ponderosa Village is a pet friendly community. Pet waste stations have been added throughout the property for convenience. Residents are fully responsible for their pets and picking up after them. Failure to comply will result in the following warnings and fees.

A.     1st offense: Verbal Warning

B.     2nd offense: Written Warning

C.     3rd offense: $100.00 Fine

D.     4th Offense: removal of pet