VI. Keys and Access

Always close and lock your door whenever you leave your apartment, even if only for a short time. Never leave your door open or unlocked; this leaves your apartment vulnerable.

a.     Lockouts: If you lock yourself out of your apartment or room, upon proper identification or confirmation of your identity, onsite staff will assist you in regaining access to your apartment. You and your roommate have three free lockouts combined, per semester; after the third, there is a $25 fee per lockout. If you lost your keys, for your own safety report lost or stolen keys to your apartment manager as soon as possible. Lockouts will only be provided for residents on the lease, visiting guest will not be provided with lockout privileges.
b.     Unauthorized Use:  Duplicating apartment keys is strictly prohibited under any circumstances.  
c.      PIN Codes:  One PIN will be issued to every primary lease holder.  It will be the responsibility of the primary lease holder to disseminate that PIN to their registered occupants.  The primary lease holder will get three free "PIN reminders" "PIN Resets" or lockouts for the term of the lease  (Example: If you forgot your PIN and your Key those two will count against your three free PINS and lockouts).  The primary lease holder will be held responsible if the Ponderosa Village Staff discovers that the PIN that was issued to them is being used by someone not registered under their lease.  This will constitute a PIN change which will count against the leaseholder's free PINS/ lockouts.