V. Failure to Comply

The following actions will result in disciplinary action: 

a.     Failing to Comply: Failure to comply with the directions of a university official, including Community Assistants or other Residential Life staff member acting in an official capacity.
b.     False Identification: Providing false identification or providing false information to a university official. 
c.     Encouragement/Involvement: Active or passive participation in a violation, aiding or encouraging others to violate policies, remaining present while policy violations are occurring, or failure to report a violation by others when having direct knowledge of that violation. 
d.     Roommate Contracts: Failure to establish and abide by reasonable apartment roommate agreements
e.     Building Evacuation: Failure to evacuate the building during an activated fire alarm or when directed to do so in an emergency. Remaining in the building during an emergency places not only the individual at risk, but will result in disciplinary action.