VIII. Keys and Access

Whenever you leave your apartment, even for a short time, always close and lock your door. Never leave your door open or unlocked.

A. Lockouts: If you lock yourself out of your apartment or room, upon proper identification or confirmation of your identity, onsite staff will assist you in regaining access to your apartment. You and any occupants listed on your lease have three free lockouts combined, per semester. After the third lockout, there is a $25.00 fee per lockout. Lockouts will only be provided for residents on the lease. Visiting guests will not be provided with lockout privileges.

B. Lost or Stolen KeysReport lost or stolen keys to the Community Manager immediately. Lost or stolen keys will result in a lock change for the entire unit at the resident's expense.

C. Unauthorized Use: Duplicating apartment keys is strictly prohibited under any circumstances. Residents in shared units are not to provide access to their guests when they are not present in the unit.