II. Guests/Guest Behavior*

A. The term "guest" includes any individual(s) not assigned to an area, location, or apartment that they are visiting. You are considered a guest if you are a resident visiting another resident in an apartment in which you are not assigned. Anyone considered a guest will be held to the community standards at all times while at Ponderosa Village.
B. Residents living in a shared apartment must communicate with their roommate regarding guest(s) and overnight stays. Either roommate has the right to refuse or revoke a guest or overnight stay. A roommate's right supersedes and takes priority over the entertainment of a guest by another roommate.
C. You are responsible and accountable for the actions of your guest(s) while on Ponderosa Village property, immediately adjacent areas, or at Ponderosa Village- sponsored or supervised events. You agree to inform your guest of all procedures as set forth in the Community Handbook
D. Any guest staying longer than 14 days must go through the background check and be added to the lease.

*This policy may differ from the Ponderosa Village staff professionals who are required to live on Ponderosa Village property